Advantages of Pre-insulated Duct System

The HVAC industry is growing. Along with its development are pre-insulated ducts that allow you to enjoy thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. Since this duct system requires one installation, you don't have to worry too much about the price. You also save time during installation. It is now easier to get ducted split system in Melbourne via

What's a KoolDuct System, and How Does It Benefit Business Owners?

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1. Pre-insulated pipe saves space. This material allows surface mounting on components and thus saves space in the building. This makes the floor space accessible for other purposes. In addition, they can be mounted on the ceiling, floor and walls.

2. They also create thermal comfort, which also leads to reduced energy consumption. With adequate thermal insulation, energy efficiency and reduction of energy costs is possible.

3. Lightweight pre-insulated conduit. It weighs only half of the insulation material. This makes it easy to transport and install. You can expect lower processing fees because you don't need a lot of staff to carry and install them. In fact, two people are enough to install pre-insulated conduit.

4. They are environmentally friendly. This channel does not contain CFCs, so you can rest assured that you will be thermally comfortable without damaging the ozone layer, a property known as zero ozone depletion potential.

5. They are resistant to fire and smoke. Pre-insulated ducts or panels are fireproof and do not emit smoke when heated by a fire source. They are also heat resistant as they can withstand temperatures up to 800°C. Also resistant to mildew attack.