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November 2020

How To Maintain Your Kitchen Knives

Your knife needs to be taken care of to ensure that it lasts. Even the best types of knives can be carried with you, and if they are not maintained, they are no different from inexpensive knives or low-quality knives. So here's a guide on how to keep your knives maintained.

To keep your knife sharp, send it in for sharpening. You can get outside help or do it yourself. Sharpening a knife is not that difficult if you know how to sharpen it properly for the type of sharpener you are using. Nowadays, electric sharpeners via BARNCO are easy to use because you just need to plug it in and take it out. The more conventional ones require a technique that you have to follow or you will break the edges.

3 Ways to Maintain Your Kitchen Knife - wikiHow

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Apart from this, you need to have a suitable place to store the knife. Use a knife block or place it in a drawer to avoid possible damage to the blade. Make sure your knife is well cleaned after use. 

Clean the blades from stains with a soapy cloth and wash them in hot water. Then dry the blade with a clean cloth to prevent mold from growing on it if it is not used for a long time. Knives can also rust, especially if they are made of carbon steel. With a knife like this, apply a layer of vegetable mineral oil to the knife to prevent rust.

Amazing Makeup Palette for Kids

Using a quality eyeshadow palette with an assortment of colors is your starting point for creating an amazing look that can enhance your appearance. 

The eyeshadow palette makeup kit includes colors and tones like yellow, blue, green, and purple. Girls eyeshadow are in various colors.

The various colors make it effortless to create a long-lasting look. A few of them also include highlighters and blush as well.


Here are a few tips for creating a gorgeous eye using the shimmery eyeshadow palette: 

Smoky eyes can make a mysterious impact on a girl; making her appearance alluring. The trick to make the perfect look would be to master the mixing technique. The wearer has to combine light colors with dark colors and make it seem natural.  

You can incorporate deep purple, champagne, and vivid blue. Other amazing colors can also be included like green and peach. The first step while creating the eye look is to prep with attention. Utilizing eyeshadow brushes is suggested to blend the mix perfectly. 

Another fantastic product you can use is eye primer. Put on the liner onto the cover of the eyelash and create a thicker liner in the center of the eye. To make a jewel-tone eye, utilize violet greens or colors, peach colors also seem good.